6 Strangest Laws In America

When it comes to stories that our grandmothers tell, most of us consider that they are just there to either scare us or just to sound funny and silly. Nobody would even consider that some of those stories might be legitimate laws that exist since the beginning of the United States of America. Since every state in the United States has different state laws, there are a lot of legislations that are applied only in that state, which means that they don’t transfer to other countries once the line is crossed. For this reason, there are many laws that have been forgotten and just left as the law. However, many of these laws simply don’t make sense today, and if we take a look at some of these laws, we are not sure that they made sense in the past either.


Without further ado, we will list top 10 strangest laws in America

  1. Dwarf tossing is not allowed in Florida

Dwarf tossing is not allowed in FloridaWhen it comes to specific sports in the world, Dwarf tossing has to be one of the strangest ones. Dwarf tossing has not even been considered a sports activity, even though it was sometimes performed by circuses or certain gatherings. However, dwarf tossing has been banned in Florida since 1989. Even though one legislator wanted to repeal the law in 2011, however, he was not successful

  1. Liquor stores can’t sell chilled water or soda in Indiana

The law prohibits liquor stores from selling cold soda or water. However, they are not prohibited from selling warm soda or water. So, if you are planning to go shopping, expect only warm water and soda in liquor stores across Indiana.

  1. In Iowa butter can’t be margarine

When it comes to real butter, Iowa is not screwing around. If you try to pass margarine as real butter in Iowa, you could be charged with a misdemeanor. We suggest you stay clear of this battle as it rages on for years in Iowa.

  1. Selling Non-latex condoms is considered illegal in Maryland

 Selling Non-latex condoms is considered illegal in MarylandWhenever somebody wants to sell non-latex condoms in Maryland, they could be charged with a misdemeanor and charged with a fine of up to 1000$. Don’t make this mistake unless you have money to burn.

  1. In Michigan, it is illegal to cheat on your spouse

Since 1931 a law was passed that makes adultery a felony in Michigan. If you are one of those people that have to cheat but don’t want to break the law, move across state lines if you are in Michigan.

  1. In Mississippi, you could be charged with a fine or spend 30 days in jail for swearing

A long time ago Mississippi made a law that stated that if anyone would be swearing in front of two or more people, they could be going to jail for up to 30 days. Lucky for the “rich”  people a fine of up to 100 dollars could be paid for breaking that law if you don’t want to end up in jail.