Strange State Laws In The USA

If you are traveling to the USA this year, it might be a good idea to get to know the laws that should be uploaded in that state. Since the USA is formed from many states, each one of them has special laws that only apply in that state and does not transcend to the other states. We here have decided to round up all the strangest laws that are scattered across the United States and write them down so you can be sure you won’t be breaking any of the special laws in these states.

  1. No Pets on the Strip (Las Vegas)

When it comes to the Las Vegas Strip, there is a special law that prohibits pets from being walked on the Strip. Only special dogs and helper animals are exempted from this law, but your regular dogs are not allowed. This law came into action in 2012 due to the reason that people who were performers on the strip were using pets to gain more money and tips. Using pets for sympathy was considered an immoral move, so the government banned any and all pets on the Las Vegas Strip.

  1. Not being married but pretending you are (North Carolina)

In North Carolina, if you are checking in a hotel with your partner and you get asked the question are you married or not – if you answer that with a yes, and if you’re lying, you could get charged with a class 2 misdemeanor. If you are planning a little getaway with your lady or guy friend, you should consider saying you are just friends or just entirely skipping this state. However, if you ask us since you are not in court, you are not obliged to answer this question. You as a person are well within your right to tell them that you don’t feel comfortable to respond that question and that the answer to this issue is a private matter that you will not be discussing with them.

  1. Breastfeeding infants could be illegal (Puerto Rico)

Breastfeeding infants could be illegal (Puerto Rico)If you are on vacation in Puerto Rico, and you have to breastfeed your child, you might want to look around for areas that are designated for performing this task. In Puerto Rico, you could be fined if you start feeding your child in open public as it is not considered a normal thing to do in public. Look around for bathrooms or areas where they have specially designated rooms for mothers that need to breastfeed their child.